752nd Tank Battalion - Nauders, Switzerland - 1945

O'Connell's "Eyemo" captures the moment

Sgt. Burke O’Connell, 196th Signal Photo Company, (left), takes aim with his Bell and Howell 35 mm Eyemo camera towards tankers of the 752nd Tank Battalion parked along the Italian-Swiss border at Nauders, Switzerland. Color photo by Donald Wiedenmayer, 196th Signal Photo Company.


Map of the 752nd Tank Battalion


Burke talks to a Swiss border guard at the Munster, Switzerland crossing. The same Swiss guard is seen climbing up onto a tank of the 752nd Tank Battalion to talk to tank commander, First Lt. Herb Mann.


-- Photo by Donald Wiedenmayer,

196th Signal Photo Company


Army 1st Lt. Herb Mahn explains to a curious Swiss border guard the operations of a hand held microphone used to communicate with crewmen inside. Wiedenmayer recalls climbing onto the tank and submitting the photo for consideration to Fifth Army headquarters. Mahn has a copy of the print in his Connecticut home ever since the war and was delighted to learn the photographer, Donald Wiedenmayer of the 196th Signal Photo Company had captured the special moment for history.




Fellow photographer Don Wiedenmayer, 28, sits on the Italian-Swiss border gate at Munster, Switzerland, May 1945.


-- Photo by Burke O’Connell,

196th Signal Photo Company



Burke shakes hands with Corporal Weintraub of the 163rd Signal Photo Company at Resia Pass across the Italian-Austrian border.


“After the American tanks had taken up positions along the road and the squads of infantrymen were deployed, Don and I noticed across the border some infantry soldiers steadily coming our way,” O’Connell recalled.


 “One of them enthusiastically started running toward me. I saw he was carrying what appeared to be a Speed Graphic still camera.” “My God, I thought, he’s an Army photographer.”


The U.S. Seventh Army marched all across Europe and there in the little town of Nauders in Austria, had finally linked up with the one who had started the whole fight in Italy three years before, General Mark Clark’s small but courageous, Fifth Army.


-- Photo by Donald Wiedenmayer, 196th Signal Photo Company


163rd Signal Photo Company Photographers - Group Photograph

They “Shot” the Invasion - Southern France – June 27, 1944 – You’ve seen the pictures, now you can see the men who risked their lives to obtain photographs of the huge invasion of France. Members of an Army Signal Corps Photographic Combat Unit (163rd SPC) are: left to right; Private Louis Weintraub, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Francis P. Lee, New York City; Lieut. George A. Steck, Euclid, Ohio; T/Sgt. Val C. Pope, Compton, Calif., and Pfc. Walter Rosenblum, N.Y.


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196th Signal Photo Company Photographers - Selected Photos

These special tribute pages features some of the significant still photography of five Army Signal Corps photographers who served in the 196th Signal Photo Company. They include:

Harry Morgan / Cecil "Max"Campbell / John Mason / Donald Wiedenmayer / Jerry Kosseff

Index to 196th Signal Photo Company - Still Photo Gallery

Known Army Signal Corps photographs attributed by Signal Corps serial number to individual members of the 3131st Signal Service Company and the 196th Signal Photo Company, Italian Campaign, 1944-1945. These photos were obtained from the National Archives and the public domain.

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